Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a Year!

As usual, we have had a busy year, with people going here and there.

John still lives here in Phoenix. He did spend six weeks this summer in Kansas, helping my brother, Bob. Jordan finished out at Scottsdale Community College and is now completing his BFA in dance at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Jacob is living with his Inline Speed Skating coach in San Jose, CA and attending De Anza College majoring in Photography. Jared is still attending Arizona Connections Academy, online school. He is busy with field trips, guitar lessons and AZ Ascenders rock climbing team. Jeff is still working in Long Beach, CA at Boeing. I am still running from place to place as the zoo keeper and in the mean time running our business.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this will be a VERY long blog, here are links to a year of photo albums on facebook.

Christmas 2011
Was this really a year ago??

JordanDanielsDance Film Shoot
February 5th, 2012 Phoenix, AZ. Film shoot for JordanDanielsDance. Jordan's first film project, my first time as a producer! You can watch it here: DRUG

Riparian Preserve
January 27th, 2012 Gilbert, AZ. Arizona Connections Academy Field Trip.

Flandrau Science Center
February 1, 2012 Tucson, AZ. Another Arizona Connections Academy field trip.

February 3rd, 2012 Sunrise Ski Resort. Would you believe another Arizona Connections Academy field trip? Skiing babee!

March 17th, 2012 Anaheim, CA. Spring Break at Disneyland. We had a trip of "firsts". We have been going to Disneyland for years but we discovered there were many things that we have never done. So we DID them! See my additional thoughts on this trip at: The Disney World


Jared's 10th Birthday
April 9th, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ. Doing what else? Climbing!!

AZR Ropes Comp
April 14th, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ. Jared's first ropes comp.

Spring Leadership
April 20th, 2012 Spokane, WA. Spokane Spring Leadership.

For details and my thoughts on the next 3 albums see my blog: Three Weddings and a Funeral
Kansas Trip
April - May, 2012 Paola, KS. Went back to Kansas for 3 weeks to help out my folks!
Van Omen Wedding
May 18th, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ. It was so wonderful to be a part of David and Cassie's special day!Daddy
May, 2012 Paola, KS. Pictures of events around Daddy's passing.

The events of the next 5 albums are in: It's Monday so this must be Kansas
Derek's Wedding
June 16th, 2012 Camp Verde, AZ. When did they grow up???
Life's a Beach
June, 2012 Huntington Beach, CA. Finally made it to the beach...
Trophy Meet
June 23rd, 2012 San Jose, CA. Southwest Pacific League Trophy Meet.
Indoor Nationals
July, 2012 Lincoln, NE. USARS Indoor National Championships.
Daniels' Reunion 2012
July 21st-23rd, 2012 Junction City, KS. Just a few pictures from the 2012 reunion. So blessed that God saw fit to put me in this family!

I blogged about the next week of journeys in: It's Tuesday so this must be Colorado
Friend Day
July 25th, 2012 Kansas City, KS. I got to spend the day shopping & visiting with one of my lifetime best friends. We hadn't seen each other in probably 20 years but it seemed like yesterday! Some friends truly are for a lifetime!

Blogs on ODN and SMU are: Half Way! and By the Numbers (which also summarizes our travels)
August, 2012 Colorado Springs, CO. Outdoor Nationals World team Trials 2012. Plus the activities around that... Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods, Josh & John's and of course four square!
August 16th, 2012 Dallas, TX. Taking Jordan to college at Southern Methodist University.

AZR Ascenders Mini Comp
September 22nd, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ. Jared Rock Climbing Mini-Comp. He got 3rd place!

Kartchner Cavern
September 28th, 2012 South of Tucson, AZ. Arizona Connections Academy Field Trip to Kartchner Cavern. It was definitely worth the drive. One of the best caves I have ever toured!!! Being a living wet cave really makes a difference in the formations.

Fall Festival
October 12, 2012 Gilbert, AZ. Arizona Connections Academy Fall Festival.

This is Halloween
October 31, 2012 Phoenix, AZ. This is Halloween, this is Halloween... Jared carved his first Jock-O-Lantern.

Class Day
November 5th, 2012 Cave Creek, AZ. Library, lunch and hike with classmates at Arizona Connections Academy.

USAC Local Bouldering Comp - Picture above.
November 11, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ. So proud of Jared! Finishing 9th in the USAC local comp.

November 22nd, 2012.  3 days of eating, family and friends all make for a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Another Mini-Comp
December 1st, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ.  Another mini-comp with Jared's team.  This was a ropes, 3 best climbs competition.

December 9th, 2012, Hemet, CA.  Tinsel Speed Skate in Hemet CA. 1/2 marathon skate on the front end of the Tinsel Triathlon. It was a beautiful day and as usual a fun event. Jacob won in his age division.
As I said, "What a Year!"  We will actually have all of the boys home for Christmas!  But they will be going their separate ways for New Year's!  I wish a very blessed Christmas and a special New Year to all my friends and family.
As for me...
I'm living on the eighth day, right now!

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