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Daniels Marketplace
Daniels Marketplace Retail Website - We are in the business of serving people. We look forward to serving you!  Daniels Marketplace is dedicated to providing you with one of the best online experiences possible. We know you'll be thrilled with the quality and variety of our exclusive products that are available. So please take a few minutes to browse through

Daniels Enterprises
Daniels Enterprises Business Website -  Daniels Enterprises was created to help you achieve your dreams. If your dreams include some additional income, spending more time with your family or pursuing your other life-long goals, we can help! Daniels Enterprises will show you the path to becoming a successful Independent Business Owner.  Business support and professional development are available to you at every step of your journey to a successful business. Daniels Enterprises can help you get started and provide continued support as your business grows. Ready to get started? Just ask us how.

The Winning Edge
The Blogspot you are currently reading - DUH - Getting the Winning Edge by using the Slight Edge. 

Daniels Family Reunion
Daniels Family Reunion Blogspot - An ONLINE Family Reunion! This blog will not only contain information & pictures of the past reunion, but plans for the future reunion. PLUS, current family news and information. We can have a family reunion every day, right here, online!!! Feel free to add your own news and photos to share with the family!

CORE - Change or Remain Employed
CORE Habits Tracking Blogspot - This blog is intended to layout the 10 steps of CORE with links to additional information. It is also where Daniels Enterprises will keep track of their CORE habits along with any thoughts or insights as we move forward to Ruby in 2014!

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